ant a web site that looks as good as this one?  Why wouldn’t you?  In today’s world, a web site is your starting point for marketing your small business and it is essential that it looks the best.  You will be putting your website address on your business cards and on all of your advertisements.  For potential customers, your website will likely be their first impression of your business.

Small businesses can often overlook the importance of a high quality, good looking, and easy to maintain website.  Just think of how many times have you personally discarded a business because its website was dull, clunky, hard to navigate or out-dated!  Or maybe, you’ve been sold on a business because the quality website told you it was serious about doing a good job.  Consumers today assume all companies have websites and naturally expect the best customer experience in navigating your site.  A properly built website with a polished, professional finish captures your customer attention and keeps them there.  In addition to ensuring that your website is both clean and modern in appearance, it is also critical that it is:

  • structured for today’s search engines

  • works on all browsers

  • scales correctly on computer, tablets, and mobile phone browsers in particular

A web site may be your first step into the “cloud”.  Let us help you design and build a great website and highlight the strengths that your business has to offer.   Why spend hours researching tools and ensuring your website is optimized for search engines?  We have done that work already and believe the platform we have chosen is the best.  It looks the best, is scalable for your business, and is easy to maintain anywhere and at any time.

Need to build a site from the ground up?  We do all aspects of a new website or can transform your existing website on the new cloud-based platform.

So why choose us?  Our differentiating factor is that we can do much more than just web site design.  We also have in depth business analysis and solution design skills.  So we can write additional code to provide any custom solution or to integrate your website with any of your business processes.

A web site project usually encompasses the following:

  • we work with you to discuss key themes that you want to portray.  This can include key messages, images, colors, detailed requirements and customization, etc.

  • we choose a design template with you

  • we build the core structure of the website and source high quality images

  • we review the structure and images with you and help write the core content

  • we finish building the website and test

  • we provide training materials to allow you (or any member of your staff) to easily maintain the website content yourself going forward

  • we launch the website ensuring on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)