hat exactly is an app?  With the proliferation of mobile apps, this may seem like a silly question, but it is definitely not.  Applications have been around since the very first version of computers.  Before the word was shortened to make it trendy, applications simply used to be called programs.  There have been literally endless programs / apps created throughout time for all sorts of purposes – from automating tasks such as tax assessments to organizing fantasy football leagues.  Do you need help in streamlining your business?  Then a custom program or app may help you out.  Do you have a new business idea?  Then a custom program or app might be what you need.  Perhaps your new business IS some new software that will revolutionize the industry.  Or perhaps you have a good idea for a mobile phone app.

In any circumstance, we can HELP you out!  We can help you choose the correct platform for your idea and design, build, test, and deploy the entire solution.  We have experience in the latest programming languages and framework stacks.  Not sure what all this stuff even means?  Don’t worry, we explain in clear English what this means and can bring your ideas to life in ways that you perhaps cannot even imagine yet.  Our clients can attest to that.

Here are some of the common solution patterns for apps that we build:

Desktop Apps

These are the traditional programs that are created for your computer.  So an application is written based upon business need and then installed on every computer where you want the program to run.

Although desktop app development is becoming less common, this is still an important solution for many business scenarios.  This is typically the “cheapest” solution to build, so if price / time is a concern, this may be a good consideration.

Mobile Apps

Doesn’t it seem that everyone is using a smartphone to live, work, and play these days?  For better or worse, they are. And what about mobile apps – people have lots of them.  Apps today are typically targeted to be used by consumers.  But imagine you can have an app that promotes your business and provides an experience that separates you from your competitors?  The opportunities for your business growth are endless!

You may be asking – but isn’t a website enough?  These days, not so much.  Apps on a smartphone are like the new bookmarks for a web browser.  With an app, your customers will have a constant icon on their phone, continually reminding them of your business – it’s great marketing that just doesn’t go away!  And if the app does something cool, all the better – that means more business for you.  For example, suppose you are a small coffee business and currently have a “reward card” system (i.e. buy a coffee, get a stamp.  Then with 9 stamps you get a free coffee).  This has been done many times before, and although the rewards scheme will drive some loyal customers back to you, for your customers it really is a nuisance.  They probably already have half a dozen different reward cards in their wallet.  But, what if you give them an “app for that” to automatically tally the coffees they have purchased and provide them with different tiers of rewards?  We can easily design and build a solution like this for you.

Let us work together to design and build an app for you that provides a unique and more personalized experience for your customers – it’s time to differentiate you from your competitors!  Customers expect higher levels of engagement from small business today and an app is the perfect way to do this.

We’ve chosen a design platform that works on all major phone/tablets automatically (iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows).  This means that we build it once and it will work on all types of phones/tablets.  This saves you money, as the solution costs less to design and build.  We will work with you to help brand the app using your existing website and images.

We can also integrate the application with your existing back office systems to provide a seamless experience.  This is easier business all around!

Alternatively – and this is the exciting part (!), suppose you just have a good idea for a new app that you want to develop.  We can work with you to ascertain what is possible.  We can help design and build it for you, set you up in the app stores, and help publish the work under your name.  You receive all the money from app store/in-app purchases.  You will own all the intellectual property of the idea and we’ll give you the source code as well if you want to modify it later (or even have someone else modify it).  So what are you waiting for? Its time to turn that app idea into reality – and get creative!  We can help you make that happen.

Web Apps

So what exactly is a web application?  Most people are familiar with basic business web sites that display information about the business and what they do.  We call these websites “eBrochures”.  In effect, they are a digital version of a brochure that you might print out to give to prospective clients.  They display information about what products / services you provide, along with your contact details.  This is typically one of the first projects that you will perform for a new business.  We have a full service option to design and build such a website like this.

Another tier of web sites provide one or more business functions.  So for example, an eCommerce site to sell products directly to consumers.  Or alternatively, an online forum to provide customer support.  Or an online portal to provide customer service (e.g. an online banking application).

The potential solutions are endless, and your potential audience is world-wide.  Everyone with access to a web browser and the internet will have access to your site.  This is typically a better and more robust solution than creating a mobile app as it will reach everyone (including those browsing from a mobile phone).  This can also be the most expensive depending on the solution.  It is important to remember that many components of solutions have already been built.  Rather than building a component from scratch, you can save significant money by re-using existing components.  Choosing the correct solution for your business problem / idea is critical – and that is our expertise.  If you truly need a bespoke / completely custom solution, we can do that as well!