ou are a small business and so are we.  We understand your needs.  You don’t have years for a business idea to come to life, or the funds to pay a large team of consultants.  We believe it is best for both you and us to be nimble.

We believe that we are different:

  • We know that the traditional corporate consulting approach just doesn’t work for small business. Today’s consumers are fast-paced, online, read blogs, post on social media, and use smartphones. We are a company that embraces that mindset and are up to date with the associated technology

  • Although we can do any sized project, we strongly believe in short agile projects, from several weeks up to a few months. That forces you and us to make efficient decisions and not waste time. You get to spend less, see your ideas work in practice, and still maintain a focus on your customers

  • We believe in technology based in the “cloud.” This is software that runs as a service (SaaS) as opposed to software you install on computers. All of our core solutions are based in the cloud, meaning that you have no IT infrastructure to maintain, no need to hire resources for IT support, and no upgrades, security patches, or backups to worry about. SaaS solutions provide the ultimate in scalability – you just pay per user. Its about you focusing more on your business and not so much on IT.

  • We understand that a project distracts from your core business activities. Quality involvement from you is important for a successful project, but too much engagement will slow things down. We will do our best to ensure you are involved in the right way at the right time. Our expectation is that you (and possibly some of your staff) will be involved in the early stages to analyze and design. We build and test everything offsite and give regular progress updates. The end of the project involves final acceptance testing and training

  • The code is yours at the end of the project. We’ll show you how to make small changes yourself or are happy to provide ongoing support and maintenance.