ver get the feeling that things aren’t running as well as they could be?  You may know that something is wrong, but don’t know what, and it is costing you money.  A business process is a series of steps that defines how a particular part of your business is run.  For example, a common business process for a small business would be the sales process. Other examples could be your invoicing/accounting processcustomer support process, or product development process.  If you have never formalized (documented) these processes before, you may never have even thought about them or thought about the issues with them.  Undocumented business processes can evolve as your staff levels change and your operating managers develop their own techniques for solving business issues and deficiencies.

It may be that some of your processes are just not working efficiently which means that they are likely leaking revenue.   We can help you out.  We have experience with many different types of companies across a range of industries.  Every business issue is unique of course, but there are often solutions that can be shared.  We can help identify issues, document problem processes and suggest new ways to streamline your business.

But simply documenting a change is sometimes not enough.  Embedding new processes often requires communicating the “new way we work here” and some additional training for your staff.  In addition, making these processes work may require a technology solution to help automate repetitive or problematic tasks.

If you need some help in solving a process issue, let us know – we can help!