wo of the biggest constraints facing small businesses is their budget and their time.  Outsourcing projects to a consultant can be potentially costly, but maximizes the time available to focus on core business operations.  On the other side, running a project completely in house (such as building a website from scratch) can potentially save cost but detracts from core business by consuming time that can be better spent elsewhere.  Furthermore, the quality of your project can suffer as you need to pick up IT skills in areas that are unfamiliar and which you aren’t an expert in.

We understand that not all businesses want or have the resources to outsource all of their projects.  If you are budget constrained and/or are IT savvy, we provide professional tutoring to help you pick up the correct skills for your task.  For any of our services, we can provide the following three tiers:

  1. Fully outsourced – we design, build, and deploy solution for you
  2. Partially outsourced – we tutor you in how to do the easy – medium activities yourself and can design, build, deploy the more complicated bits
  3. Do it yourself – we tutor you in how to perform all aspects of the project yourself and can provide professional training materials as well if you wish

We’ve seen a lot of different and challenging business issues – you are not alone!  Here are examples of some of the projects we can tutor you in (or implement for you):

  • discuss the best email hosting providers with you and setup business class email
  • pick website platform and design a modern and robust website solution
  • understand and create Google Adwords marketing campaign
  • create Constant Contact marketing campaigns

  • understand how Search Engine Optimization works

  • understand how to integrate social media into your business

  • move your office telephony to Voice Over IP (VOIP) and design Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to allow a better customer experience

  • configure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow your staff to work from home and/or have virtual workstations

  • design shared file servers and backup solutions to ensure that your most important documents are secure and recoverable

We are happy to provide professional tutoring / general business consulting services to you on an hourly basis.  Contact us for a free initial consultation.